The public servers below are provided by members of the community with a commitment to keep them updated and cover the cost of running them.

If you have any issues with setup, or need more clairification, this site is hosted on Github Pages. Please open an issue at it’s Repository.

Public Servers

These servers are provided for the public to use. You MUST use the same version posted to prevent errors from gameplay. List will be updated as servers are added, removed, and updated.

Server Name Port Number Version Provided By
    stable 2346 0.46.1, LLC 2346 0.46.1 Hammer
    development 2346 0.47.11, LLC 2346 0.47.11 Hammer 2346 0.47.11 Spamtastic

Be Polite

It happens at times that games will get disconnected or people will just stop playing mid-game for whatever reason. If you join a server and it looks like a game is in progress, use the chat and see if anyone responds. Give them a few mintues. If no one responds, feel free to /reset and start playing.

Want To Add Your Server?

That’s great! We’d love to have more servers to allow more public servers to not deal with firewall issues. We only ask that you keep it updated with new versions within a reasonable time of their release (not immediate of course but within a month would be great). If you’re fine with that, open a ticket at the repository and we’d need the IP4 (and IP6 if available) address, port number, version running, a name to place next to it, and a faction to give you your own subdomain. We’ll update this page as soon as we are able.

We thank you for wanting to help enable more players to play and happy hunting MechWarrior!