Stress Tests

These stress tests are done in similar environments to what is on these servers. Done in a controlled environment with no observers. All conditions are reported and the resulting log will be posted here for others to see the carnage.

2 Bots, 78 Units Each, 156 Total

Ran via public server set with 2G of ram. 3 total connections, 2 Princess Bots in default config. Game Settings were adjusted with most TacOps/StratOps settings turned on. Used 3 32x34 maps top to bottom.

End Result: no crashes and many breaches.

12 Bots, 12 Units Each, 144 Total

Dedicated server given 8G of ram, 13 connections, 12 Princess Bots in default config. Game settings were not changed. 2 Princess bots were assigned to each team and given 12 units each to control. Mostly ‘Mech’s with a few vehicles thrown in.

End Result: 1.9G of ram used, no crashes.